The future belongs to those who prepare for it today

These lines explains us some most beautiful things for time , future , cosmos in a poetic way. Because whenever any scientist , inventor or visionary leads the society in any field is thinking for making or creating future today and to exit the time limits which was given to us by cosmos and nature. “Future is Now”

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6 thoughts on “The future belongs to those who prepare for it today”

  1. I agree. Say what you want about his political beliefs. Malcolm X was a true visionary. I hope the technology I write about is actually invented, as far as I can tell, no one else has ever come up with these ideas that I have published on my site, or at least taken them seriously. Perhaps someone will see it one day. Best of luck with everything.

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  2. Read my latest article on my Website. I have a friend of mine busy designing prototypes for this over Facebook messaging. Do you know anyone that has access to high-quality, lightweight metals, such as titanium or aluminum? We need it to contain the vortex coil and the anchored gyroscope for the mercury power source. Do you have any connections that could help us?


  3. We are designing a vehicle powered by the same energy source as the “Vimanas” from Hindu mythology. If the ancient Indian societies could build it and the Nazis could build it from the ancient Vimanas designs, I’m pretty sure we can with our modern tech.

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    1. Hey buddy I am also interested in this project so can you please give me your contact number so I can contact you personally for this project. And I am seeing some people who are expert in aluminium works. It is pleasure to assist you.


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